Photo Courtesy; Bakpak Durden

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Welcome to my small shred of internet.

I am curious about contemplation of feeling and interaction, one's gaze, body language, gender, sexuality, complication, contradiction, honesty, interpretation, memory, our experience with both tangible and intangible reality the largest whole and most minute detail.

Oil painting and experimental/ haphazard film photography.


 A tender, pastel something, new-age, dream renaissance.


"Meaning is not a stable element residing in the text for us to uncover or passively consume. Meaning is created by the reader in the act of reading… the meaning that is created is not a stable element capable of producing closure; that is, no interpretation has the final word. Rather, literary texts, like all texts consist of a multiplicity of overlapping, conflicting meanings in dynamic, fluid relation to one another and to us. What have been considered ‘obvious’ or ‘commonsense’ interpretations of a given text are really ideological readings – interpretations produced by a culture’s values and beliefs- with which we are so familiar that we consider them natural. "

Lois Tyson

A collection of work by the artist Allison Waite © 2015